Friday, 5 April 2013

Made In Jesmond again

At last I have managed to take photographs of the work I did in my last module which will be for sale in the 'Made in Jesmond' shop from 19th April.

 This is my first Tea-cosie and my favourite.They are all made from 
old bed sheets which have become worn
in the middle. This is an ideal way to
recycle the edges.
I feel this design is quite Art Nouveau
in style

My second Tea-cosie is also made 
with recycled fabrics. The appliqué,
is machine stitched and hand embroidered in places.
Below is a view of the back of the
cosie. I felt it was a shame to have nothing on the back. I have utilised the Allium seed head from my branding and the wording from it too. "From lovely old stuff......."

This is my coffee pot cosie and
my least favorite of the three.
I do like the way the back of this one has come out below.
On reflection I would make my
cosies differently, I recently went to a fantastic shop in Glasgow which sells fabrics and notions, called Mandors. It was amazing and I will be going back! I found some wadding there which is for making oven gloves (now there's a thing) I think I will get a better finish with this. I will also sew the lining to the outer in a different way to get a better finish on the bottom.

I will be putting all three cosies into Made in Jesmond and don't know what I will be putting into my new venture as part of Warwick Tower in Carlisle. If I haven't mentioned before, I have decided to rent a space in a building on Warwick Road, which will be called Warwick Tower and will be sharing it with Stuart and Sara the organisers and lots of other like minded people. We will be selling goods we have made alongside vintage and antique goodies. There is a room in the building which can be rented out to hold workshops. I would quite like to hold a workshop when I have finished at college. I will be writing my next blog sooner rather than later as I'm having a great time with my last module.          

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