Thursday, 2 May 2013


I feel I am almost there with my final module and heading for my final show. With a little excitement and satisfaction in the knowledge that as a full time employed, mature student I have achieved a lot in two years. 
After all it was a last minute decision to embark on this adventure in the first place.
Not everything has been documented in this blog, and on reflection I wish I had included more, but my blog started after I had created my first sketch book and the resulting designs.

So not yet finished but well on the way here are some of the design developments from those sketch book pages seen in a previous post.
I took a turn into the art of painting a stretched piece of paper with Procion dye. We were shown this technique in a workshop by Libby Lagun quite a few weeks ago. My piece developed while in the workshop is featured below.

This was created from that stretched piece of paper. A quick two minute drawing of a flower from the silk tassle bush, was scanned and developed into a design in Photoshop. This was then photo
copied and printed down onto my prepared background by using screen print cleaner, a sheet of acetate and an old biro.
When this was done I went into the design with household bleach to remove colour. This has resulted in the turquoise areas. I then coloured more areas with a white pencil.
I loved the result so much I just kept doing more, as you can see below. Once the initial design or painting was done, I took them into Photoshop and created lots of repeats.
The initial drawing used for these is of a Hellebore which I drew into my sketch book with a fine liner.

Original part drawing worked into with watercolour paint.

This is my second attempt, here I have used the whole drawing and created a lighter back ground. I tried to created a fraying edge but it went terribly wrong. Thank goodness you can crop things down in Photoshop.

In order to change the colour of this type of motif you must start from scratch and create the painting in the colours required.

Which has resulted in a totally different look to my original design.

I've moved on from that now and am working with more of my drawings from my sketch book pages. Still working in Photoshop cleaning up the photographs I took of my repeats. looking forward to finishing this process and adding some colour. Not really adept at using Photoshop I am learning a lot from U-tube as I go.

I have realised at long last, in my very last module that I would like to find work as a surface pattern designer. Hooray! It's only taken two years.
See below my on going work in this module.