Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Work in progress

For our final module (this is the big one) we had to choose a subject and end product ourselves. Is it because I'm a Libra that I can never decide? Or just my sheer lack of confidence in my work? Whatever it is I just know this is my last chance to prove my worth and design something that will take my creative career where it is meant to go.
I thinkI want to create interiors fabric and wallpaper, in a linear botanical design with a twist. I love doorways as well as plants so would like to combine the two.
I have done my sketches and will share some of my sketch book pages with you today.
 I love snowdrops, here I have sketched them in different media and used continuous line, and my left hand.
Below I have done some more sketching but also added some silhouettes too.

 The tracing paper laid over this background of splashed on watercolour is making this look quite blurred. I like this composition and intend to develop the drawing further.
 Here again I have been messing around with backgrounds and my Distress Ink pads. Really liking the silhouettes in blue but also the white ones too. May take these further too.
 We did a drawing workshop with Libby Lagun the other week in the studio which I really enjoyed. Here is one of my pages of quick sketches using the usual left hand, blind and continuous line. We went on to choose one of the drawings to develop in Photoshop and it was the first time I had used the method above using the Procion dye and bleach.
I bought this Helleborus from work just to draw,I loved it so much. I will use this drawing in my further developments. The Iris drawings below were done while I was standing in my garden last summer. I wanted to include these as in the Spring the plant material is limited.
 This is one of my doorways, drawn from a photograph taken two years ago while on holiday in St Martin, France. Not sure how I'm going to use these yet.
 A group of us went to the Discovery Museum in Newcastle to the archives in the basement to draw. I will use some of these I hope in my final developments.
Sorry the photography is not brilliant as these were taken with my phone. I have started to do some development with painting Procion dye onto stretched paper and bleaching parts out, you cna then add colour with any medium you like.
Well I must dash now I'm off to do the late shift at work.

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