Monday, 6 August 2012

Kate Usher live brief

Finally I have got around to posting the results of work I did towards a live brief given to us for our final first year module, by Kate Usher of Kate Usher Studios.
I chose Boutique Hotel as my brief and struggled a little with a trend to go with and in the end didn't go with it.
I did some drawings of plants and some backgrounds, then decided I'd like to put some of my landscape drawings into the design too. This is what Kate saw when she had a meeting with us all to discuss what she liked.

The backgrounds I was told would not work as a repeat, I was disappointed but tried it anyway and I feel it did work.

Here I have used a combination of that repeat background and some of my other images. I really liked this design and the one below it. Kate didn't feel they were Kate Usher Studio style. and would I try using my image above intertwined and in green, and a topairy design too.

I feel topairy has been done to death but she seemed to like it, I much preferred the paper with background as I like French and Shabby Chic style personally. I imagine all of my designs could be used as wrapping paper and giftware as well as wallpaper.

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