Thursday, 9 August 2012

Angie Lewin

Hi again, I may be slow on the up-take but I have just discovered recently the designer Angie Lewin. We went up to Kirkudbright the other weekend and I visited every art gallery I could find in this lovely Scottish Border town. There was an expo., in the town hall and I went into the first room downstairs to discover an exhibition of local artists. I got talking to Joanna McLeman Gisbey an artist maker about my college course and my uncertainty about where my work would take me.
She suggested I have a go at Japanese wood engraving and look at Angie Lewin's work in another gallery in the town.
Unknown to me at the time I had already seen and admired Angie's work, took another look and this is what I discovered.

Like Angie I have also trained in Horticulture, in fact I still work with plants. I just want to capture them all in some form of art, maybe this is the way I should go. I love plants and want to re-create them in stitch, print or art of some description.
I have never done lino or wood block printing but would like to have a go.

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