Sunday, 19 January 2014

Inspired Tea Cosy

I was inspired just before Christmas to make a tea cosy for a work colleague, she loves bunnies so much. This is what I made.

For quickness I used the outline from a Crafty Individuals stamp
of moon gazing hares. 
I had planned in my head the layout while driving home from work.
The hares are in natural linen, and the rest just scraps of cotton. All are bonda webbed onto the recycled bed sheet fabric, and then machine embroidered.I really must make a box to photograph my work in, sorry about the dark shadows!

My Mill Town Molly logo of an Allium seed head and the words "from lovely old stuff" are on the reverse.
My tea cosies are lined with a fabric which has been given to me or I've bought it in the past from a household auction.

I hope you have enjoyed my tea cosy as much as I enjoyed making it.

We have sold our house in the city and are hoping to move very soon into the countryside where there is a ready make studio right next to my bedroom. If I can't sleep I'm sure to be found in there doing what I love.

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  1. Hi Fiona, These are lovely. I like the buunnies tea cosy. Hope your move goes well. Hugs Jennifer xx