Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Gothic Luxe

It's been a while! Spring is a hectic season at work in the Garden Centre so I'm afraid my blog has suffered a bit, but the flowers are gorgeous. No need for a gym, my shoulders are aching. Mind you there was no need for those snow showers and bitter wind yesterday, poor Geraniums didn't know what had hit them.

Any way I'd like to show you what I did for our last module which was a combination of design and stitch. I chose the trend 'Gothic Luxe' and as usual used purples in my colour story, these were paired with black.
My research took me to the church yard where I was inspired by the carvings on headstones. I looked at things that influence Goths, like Cathederals in Europe, Whitby,and Victoriana. Goth fashion was another port of call, in the U K, Germany and Japan.
An old 'Fantasy Head' postcard I have, looked a bit like an x-ray, so I used some of my own x-rays as you have already seen in one of my other blogs. This was also part of this module.
I really wanted to do a print although it was not required and developed two.
We had to explore fabric manipulation, and as I was born to sew this was a joy. This would result in us creating a piece of wearable art or something for an interior. We were also required to deconstruct a garment and reconstruct it again.
The following photographs are a story of what I produced. Comments would be appreciated.

Fabric manipulation some of my samples.

Here I went on a dying spree, I just love it, how can anyone get so excited by a small bag of Dylon?

I'd sold but never used Shrinkles before, I have now and I love them too.

Print samples

A sketch book page

developed into a repeat

Without boring you with too many pictures I was given two black camisoles to use. One was devore and the other pleated, this is what I did.

My finished pieces which I submitted were my decon/recon as a wearable piece of art, a cushion cover with my print on the back and I really enjoyed dying so made a skirt garment front.

Cushion front before being made up.

Garment front

Next on the agenda is a wallpaper design for Kate Usher studios, I've chosen Boutique Hotel style. I'm drawing plants, just for a change!


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